D’Melvin Unchained…the D is silent

Hey y’all…I know you haven’t heard his voice…yet.  But my Dad just called me at work and said “Ok..you have to tell everybody something…write this down..it’s long”

So everybody..this is EXACTLY what my Daddy wanted you all to know

***** Message from Melvin****

” In 48 hours I’m doing my personal impression of a jailbreak!!  The Doctor’s, Nurses and Therapists are going to be blinded by my hind parts… I am getting out of here!! As Ulysses said to his crew as he was looking for the Golden Fleece “this has gone on long enough…I am going home.”  Toni and Regan…your vacation is OVER!!!  D’Melvin Unchained (the D is silent)…I’m coming home!!!! ”

Well FB Family D’Melvin Unchained has spoken…..LOL

Built Ford Tough!!!!

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