ME:  Daddy, I need to get a hobby.  What do you think about growing roses?  When you were growing roses, you really liked it.

DADDY:  That would be nice, but you need a lot of sunlight and space.  The deer would eat them up.  How about photography?

ME:  I like that…

DADDY:  Or, how about an herb garden?  You can grow that indoors, that would be nice.

ME:  I like that too.

DADDY: (smiles) You know what would be neat?  How about you learn some magic tricks?  I have a book on card tricks.  We can learn the tricks together.  That would be FUN!!!

ME:  Yeah!!!  I like that!!  We gonna learn some tricks and play them on mommy.

DADDY:  I love you baby.  I am so glad that I have you.



My father died peacefully in his sleep.  My Mom took him breakfast as she does each morning.  She said he looked peaceful and didn’t want to disturb and thought that he was sleep.  She couldn’t process that he was not in the room.  Pray for us.

I’m heartbroken and devastated, but I am finding comfort that he died in his sleep, in his home, with no sign of pain or struggle.  I guess, considering, that is the best way he could have gone.  This was totally unexpected, but now he is free and can do the things that he enjoyed that spinal stenosis had taken away; swimming, fishing, shooting craps at a casino and driving. 

My Daddy is now free.  He is FREE.

Melvin Wendell Ford

December 15, 1937 – September 9, 2021

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