CVS or Home Depot??

LOL…my parents are something else…but, you already know that.

Sooooo…..this morning

DADDY:   Regan, when you go to CVS, can you pick up some toenail clippers?

ME:   Sure…no problem.

MOM:   CVS?  Don’t you mean Home Depot...(giggle, giggle)

DADDY:   You got jokes, huh?

MOM:   You need more than some toenail clippers, you need some hedge cutters. (laughing hysterically)

DADDY:  Hmmmm….don’t get me started.

MOM:   C’mon…what you got?? (chuckling)

DADDY:   Regan, when you go to CVS, pick your Mom up some razors.  Naw, never mind, I’ll order her an electric razor.   Can you order one of those off of Amazon…don’t you have Prime?

MOM:  (silent)

DADDY:   Ha Ha Ha….

MOM:  (silent)

DADDY:  Uh huh…what you say??  I can’t hear you.

MOM:   Shut up Melvin!!

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