BuiltFordTough on THE VINEYARD

My Aunt teaches Bridge every Monday at Cottagers Corner. My cousin Traci and I had the bright idea that we would go to her class this morning. So….last night my Aunt gave us a Bridge fundamentals lesson.

Well….Bridge fundamentals and margaritas don’t mix!!  This morning I woke up and my head hurts. I don’t know if it is from the Bridge bidding or from the margaritas.  I think it is from Bridge.

Our lesson ended with Traci yelling out “Yo Mama” when she was pushed to bid and didn’t know what she was doing. My Aunt, in her sweet gentle voice, said “I’ll sit you two at the dummy table in the morning” WTF!!! My Grandmother was a Bridge Grand Master!! …..I don’t think I picked up that gene.

My Aunt says that by learning Bridge it will fight off dementia….I just might not need to know where I am…..but I am gonna go to this lesson.

Pray for me and my cousin y’all…..these Vineyard Bridge Ladies might kick us off this island….today!!!!


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