9/11, Intensive Care and Us. Built Ford Tough

What’s on my mind?

Twelve years ago in July, my Dad was in intensive care. His body shut down on the operating table during a surgery to his spine. I was living in Atlanta and had been traveling between Atlanta and DC by TRAIN since September of the previous year. Why? Well, I was in New York on 9/11 and honestly I just didn’t want to fly. I was afraid.

After receiving this call from my mom, fear left, I got on a plane and went home. Seeing my Mom, the strong, solid, powerful Toni Ford weep and show fear was not my reality. She was afraid and I had NEVER seen that in her. I became strong(er). I became the “wind whisperer” as my Mom called me.

Why is this on my mind? A friend lost his father recently. A man that was simply wonderful.

Why is this on my mind? Yesterday my Dad met with one of his Physical Therapists. To be able to see him push through and come back has been amazing to me. All the while making sure that my Mom and I are solid. Seeing him with my Sweetie watch Football and do “locker room boy” (that’s what me and my Mom call them) stuff tickles me. I love it.

Why is this on my mind? My Mom IS fly, but my Dad is AWE INSPIRING. He is AMAZING!!

BUILT FORD TOUGH really says it all.

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