Visited Daddy today. By the time I arrived at the hospital at 12:30 pm he had already had two sessions of OT and one session of PT.

He was sleep when I arrived, so I was puttering around. Well…as I was fluffing up the pillows in his chair which is right next to his bed, I felt someone staring at me and yup, my Daddy was staring straight at me. When I noticed this he says “wazzzzup!!!” (think Eddie Murphy in The Heist). LOL

So, I sat down and told him about ALL of the LOVE & SUPPORT you all have been sending his way. So, HE wanted me to tell you all this…

From my Daddy:
***** I am working hard to get out of here. The TV’s suck…they have had these things since the 1800’s….I need my flat screen and some HD. Thanks for telling my daughter good things and I am gonna get home soon. I miss my girls and need my wife’s cooking. Thanks everyone for your support…I gotta go…I have PT again and they are working me hard. THANK YOU *****

So, with that short visit, his Physical Therapist came in and they WALKED into the gym.

Get em Daddy…BUILD FORD TOUGH!!!!

Thanks to you ALL for allowing me to help us through the strengthening of my Daddy…you all ROCK!!!!!

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