Wow!! WOW!!!!

Yesterday I received the following email:

Regan – Forgive my intrusion, but I saw your name on the Capitol Hill list serve. By any chance is your mother’s name Antoinette?  If so, I still remember your name from 1975!

I replied:

Yes, Antoinette is my Mom.  Oh Em Gee.  How do we know each other?

She replied:

Regan – we don’t know each other, but your mother was an absolutely awesome speaker at a forum I attended in Washington. Coming from Michigan, she was the first truly professional woman I had ever seen. I know it sounds corny now, but I went up and got her autograph. I still have it. Just tell her I said “thank you”. I have had an awesome career in Washington, at least in part thanks to her.

I replied:


So, of course, I tell my Mom this.  She is tickled and humbled at the same time.


MOM:  1975!!!  Baby, what was I doing in 1975?

ME:  I don’t know…I was 6.

MOM:  (thinking…hard)  Hmm….I wasn’t a Fellow any longer.  Was that when we lived in Cambridge?

ME:  I don’t know…I was 6.

MOM:  Where you at Congressional, or Burgundy Farms?

ME:  I don’t know…I was 6.

MOM:  (thinking…harder)  1975. 1975.  Hmm…..what was I doing?   Hmpf…I’ve done too much…let me look at my C.V.

ME:  (giggling)

MOM:  By the way…I am getting an award this Sunday as the Women of the something or other…you have to go with me

ME:  Ok…cool.

MOM:  This is the 3rd great thing I’ve received this morning and it isn’t even 10am.

ME:  That’s kind of cool.

MOM:   (whispering)  Regan…what does this mean?  Is the rapture coming??