Arrow is in TROUBLE

I am cracking up. My Mom called me last night at 11:30pm….that is unheard of. My Mom is an early bird…calls me at the crack of dawn, often…but never late at night.

And here we go….

MOM: Regan…I am MAD!!

ME: Uh oh!! (remember…I just posted this glorious post about the sisters getting along)

MOM: I am so MAD!!!!

ME: Mom…what happened?

MOM: Well…earlier today me and Arrow got into an argument
(PAUSE…Yes, Arrow is her puppy. He is just like her….LOTS OF PERSONALITY!!!)

MOM: He was trying to eat something that he shouldn’t have been eating, so I pulled it from him and that little #@$@# started growling at me and barking. I ignored him and pulled the mess out of his mouth to save that little #@^’s life!! .

ME: oOOOK . MOM: No big deal…he got over it and we were watching TV…but he was still mad. . ME: oOOOK .

MOM: Well…I am getting ready for bed….and I can’t find his little black ass!!! . ME: (now I’m giggling) .

MOM: So, I went all over this house looking for him and couldn’t find him!! Do you know where that little %$&# is???

ME: Ummm No…

MOM: He is UPSTAIRS in bed with CHERYL!!!!

ME: (I am now cracking up!!)

MOM: He has the NERVE to be SLEEP!!! And so is she!!!! His little black ass mad at me and went and got in bed with my Sister!!!

ME: Well…you found him!! (chuckle chuckle)

MOM: Humph…she better take him out in the morning or he gonna pee on her!!!

ME: Mom…go to bed!!

MOM: GOOD NIGHT!!! (then starts grumbling) that little &%^% has the nerve to be mad at ME and get in bed with my sister!!! GOOD NIGHT BABY!!!